Our Approach

At Owsley Electric, our mission is to streamline your construction projects seamlessly. Specializing in both new constructions and remodels, we excel in transforming your visions into reality. Utilizing CAD and PDF drawings, we facilitate the Design-Build process to bring your ideas to fruition. We understand the value of your hard-earned money, which is why we prioritize cost-effective solutions when troubleshooting electrical issues, all while ensuring compliance with building codes in your home or office. Our commitment is to surpass your objectives, aiming to become your trusted electrical contractor for all your needs, time and time again.

Our Story

Every enterprise has its origin story, and ours began in Humboldt County. Quentin Owsley, our founder and owner, envisioned an electrical company that not only catered to the community’s needs but also prioritized excellence in both workmanship and relationships. Quentin has diligently upheld his expertise in the electrical trade through continuous education and hands-on exploration of new products alongside product representatives. This commitment ensures that we can confidently offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Furthermore, we emphasize building lasting relationships with our clients, fostering trust and peace of mind project after project. Quentin’s dedication to customer-centric service has been a cornerstone of his career, resonating through every interaction.

Recognizing the importance of community contribution, we actively engage in giving back. Whether it’s supporting booster clubs, enhancing school programs, or assisting local youth sports groups, Quentin invests time and effort beyond the job site, understanding that what you give is what you receive in return.